Jones Falls

Jones Falls, all said and done, is perhaps the most extraordinary construction works of the Rideau Canal. There are two separate flights of locks, separated by a turning basin for a total elevation change of 18 m. The site includes several buildings including a squared timer guardhouse, the Sweeney house, a defensible stone house built in 1841, a blacksmith’s shop, and a frame store house which houses interpretive displays.

Located around the corner by car off Stanley Lash Lane in Morton. By water from Kenney, its just around the bay on Whitefish Lake.  There are three different trails - easy, moderate and challenging.  The challenging one is a good 2 to 3 hour hike. Rough terrain, steep hills, rocks to maneuver and a spectacular view.

Rock Dunder's three different trail loops:

The Cabin Trail is an easy 1.3 km walk past a beaver pond, through mixed forest and a white pine plantation.

The Morton Bay Loop comprises two moderately steep sections to and from a small peninsular outlook over Morton Bay. The hike is 2km through mixed forest. Hiking boots recommended.

The Summit Loop is a 3.9km climb which runs alongside Dean's Island through a variety of forest, offering sneak peaks over rocky cliffs. The summit offers a panoramic view of the Rideau Waterway.  Hiking boots recommended