Frozen Dough


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Frozen dough is a type of bread or pastry dough that has been frozen to extend its shelf life and make it more convenient to use. Frozen dough is typically sold in pre-portioned or bulk packages and can be made from a variety of ingredients, including wheat flour, yeast, water, sugar, and salt.

To use frozen dough, it must first be thawed at room temperature or in the refrigerator until it becomes soft and pliable. Once thawed, the dough can be shaped, proofed, and baked just like fresh dough. Some frozen doughs, particularly those used for bread, may require additional proofing time after thawing before they are ready to be baked.

Frozen dough is a popular choice for busy bakers or commercial kitchens because it allows them to have freshly baked goods without the time and effort required to make dough from scratch. It is also a convenient option for home bakers who want to have dough on hand for spontaneous baking projects or who want to stock up on their favorite baked goods.

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